i decided, it’s time

for a post other than ‘yay website is up.’ so it’s st. patty’s day! i’m personally a big fan of green (and of all colors) – but a significant CHUNK of my closet is green. so, i’m wearing about 5 different green pieces.

hmm, that doesn’t have to do with music. last night was part 2 of 4 of ‘the love tour’ (please see my “events” section) at the sprawling palos verdes golf club. beautifully presented, just like the 1st one at the portofino beach in redondo beach. but far superior acoustics! we even got down with the dj at the end ;p

posted a new youtube….(recorded on monday) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMj3QsBM9lo – sort of a lesser known song but i think it’s just beautiful! it was one of the wedding-appropriate songs i performed last night.

happy it’s ‘friday’ since i took tomorrow off to celebrate victor chu and i’s 2nd anniversary. we’re officially a toddler!!

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