Hello and welcome to my page :) I've always had a special love for music and express it through performing and teaching. Take a look/listen and I look forward to hearing from you - Thank you all so much!



What’s new with me? I’m engaged! That’s old news, I guess. 4 months old news! But a small amount of time compared to a lifetime 🙂

In the music world, several weddings on the calendar and continuing with my talented piano students. My new and improved website photo was done by Brandon Wong Photography (www.brandonwongphotography.com), who, incidentally are our wedding photogs as well. They are an adorable and crazy talented couple team. Enjoy the sunshine everyone 😎

..i need to get back ON it! let’s start with this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7llDftM1cOE

it was a zoo last night at seasons! good for them. 🙂 good for me too, except there is a little competition with the noise.

i met a girl with a 3-carat diamond ring. 3!!!!!! it was seriously massive.

i also met a man from the UK (not london) who hallucinates when he eats crab. “and not the fun kind too,” he said.

my aunt told me the so-precious anecdote that her friend’s baby son requests to listen to ‘taylor, the latte boy’ and laughs at the part where i say (not sing) “how are you?” how can that not warm one’s heart?? <3. she also said her friend described my voice as 'crispy clear' not to be confused with 'crystal clear'...i think that's a pretty cool description, actually! seasons last night - one of the most receptive audiences yet! more like that one 🙂 even the chefs...i can't believe they clapped from the kitchen, hehe.

for a post other than ‘yay website is up.’ so it’s st. patty’s day! i’m personally a big fan of green (and of all colors) – but a significant CHUNK of my closet is green. so, i’m wearing about 5 different green pieces.

hmm, that doesn’t have to do with music. last night was part 2 of 4 of ‘the love tour’ (please see my “events” section) at the sprawling palos verdes golf club. beautifully presented, just like the 1st one at the portofino beach in redondo beach. but far superior acoustics! we even got down with the dj at the end ;p

posted a new youtube….(recorded on monday) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMj3QsBM9lo – sort of a lesser known song but i think it’s just beautiful! it was one of the wedding-appropriate songs i performed last night.

happy it’s ‘friday’ since i took tomorrow off to celebrate victor chu and i’s 2nd anniversary. we’re officially a toddler!!

…I’m so excited!!!!